Friday, October 7, 2011

Socratic seminar response

The good discussion we had yesterday was not fun, because I did not learn anything. I would rather like a reading day than Socratic seminar. The questions used for discussion did not felt interesting to me. I did not really have any anything to say or have any opinion about the topics that were being discussed. I disliked the discussion. I am not saying that the seminar is pointless, but I do not really enjoy these kinds of discussion. People just saying stuff, and being very loud, I do not like that. I also find Socratic seminar boring, I do not think Socratic seminar is a way for me to learn, I like discussions in a small group, and I can learn from small group discussions. The reason why I did not participated in the seminar was because I had no opinion for questions like, are men superior than women or men have more power than women? According to a person like me, I cannot form an opinion for such question. Since there was a huge argument about men are superior than women. I would say or my opinion would be, a man is superior than a woman or vice versa does not really bother me, I mean so what if a woman is superior than a man or a man is superior than a woman. I’m sorry but I think that The Wheel Of Power is nonsense. Pardon my language, but why the hell should there be any superiority or inferiority in our society ?   

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  1. I hear you. I also think it's ridiculous to think that there SHOULD be superiority and inferiority in our society. Totally. I don't think the question in class, though, was whether or not women are better than men or men are better than women as much as it was: how does power work in our society?