Friday, October 14, 2011

Socratic seminar response 2nd week

The discussion we had, again, was not fun, because I did not learn anything. The questions used for discussion did not felt interesting to me. Just like last time I did not really have any anything to say or have any opinion about the topics that were being discussed. I disliked the discussion. I am not saying that the seminar is pointless, but I do not really enjoy these kinds of discussion. My classmates giving their opinions, made me kinda feel "powerless" because I had nothing to say. This time also I find Socratic seminar boring, and I do not think Socratic seminar is a way for me to learn, I like discussions in a small group, and I can learn from small group discussions. The reason why I did not participated in the seminar was because I had no opinion for the question we were discussing. I found the seed question pointless, because truly I couldn't have a opinion. The seed question for the discussion was about a racial word "nigger", about it's meaning, how it's used in today's language, and foul language. Many people had opinions. Some said it is okay to use "nigger", because some people grown up hearing and using the word in their daily life. Others, like our PE teacher Mrs. Yarber, said it is inappropriate to speak such word, and should be "banned from the English Dictionary".The reason why these people had opinion regarding this word was because the very word hold's a meaning in their life. To me, the word has no meaning. For me, "nigger" is just another word; therefore I had no opinion to give in the discussion.    

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  1. I hear you. I think it's really interesting that you dislike the seminars so much and other students say that they are the best part of the class. Just another example of a way in which we are a diverse group. Are there any words to which you take offense?