Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inquiry Questions

My Inquiry questions:
1) Is street harassment about power?
2) Why are senior citizens being discriminated?

I have notice a lot times, that men harass women on the streets. The funny thing is that I have never seen an women honking, or leers, or whistles or, making kissing noises, or giving non-sexually explicit evaluative comments to a men. This makes me believe that street harassment is much motivated by gender, meaning it have to with superiority. My conclusion and my view on why street harassment is motivated by gender is because men feel or "Know" that they are superior than women. So, this problem definitely has to do with POWER or superiority. Street harassment give women certain limitation to comfortably walk in public, but men get no such limit, therefore; street harassment is also a human's rights issue.

I have read, and heard young employers calling senior citizen employers by names like “ Old man”, “pops”, and more. I read a article about  a 65 years old man, who worked for a corporation, he worked their for 28 years, almost his whole life. Then one day his boss called him and fired him. When the employer asks him why, his boss replied by say that he is now to old to work, so he will be replaced by a young and more educated man. This article that I read was definitely about age discrimination. Instead of learning from these “Old Men”, why are being fired.  



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  1. I'm impressed with the deep thinking going on beneath your questions, and I'm looking forward to reading what you learn!