Friday, November 18, 2011

3rd week inquiry questions

My first inquiry question is about street harassment, is street harassment about power? In my last blog I talked about my inquiry question being kind of like an opinion question, and in some places in the world, men are being harassed more than women. According to one of my Google Reader subscriptions, this week there were no updates. There were no such blogs that could help answer my inquiry question. People just wrote, how someone know was harassed and personal experience. There was no such update that seemed interesting to me, or compel me to come up with a new question. This time none of the updates made me think, about my inquiry question being an opinion question.    

My second inquiry question is, about age discrimination, why are senior citizens being discriminated. There were some new updates about the age discrimination in my Google Reader subscriptions, but none of them help me learn about my question and help me answer my question. Most of them talked about how disrespectful it is to dismiss or sack someone because there are old. Some updates talked about the bosses, who fire their employee because of their age, should be given jailed based on the charges of age discrimination. The updates were very boring to read this time, they all talking about how bad age discrimination is and how senior citizens employees should be treated

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  1. Bummer. Maybe it's time for some additional subscriptions?