Friday, November 11, 2011

Inquiry Questions answers

My first inquiry question is about street harassment, is street harassment about power? My inquiry question is kind of like an opinion question, and in some places in the world, men are being harassed more than women. According to one of my Google Reader subscriptions, there was a blog posted 2-3 days ago and it talked about boys being harassed more than girls. It said that middle school boys were harassed more than girls, therefore; the harassments made a negative impact on them. The boys were not coming to school, had trouble sleeping and more. Before reading this blog I was certain that my inquiry question is not an opinion question. After reading it, the blog made my think that there could be other place where men are harassed more than women. The blog also made me think about how can harassment trouble your sleep.

My second inquiry question is, about age discrimination, why are senior citizens being discriminated. There were new updates about the age discrimination in my Google Reader subscriptions, but none of them help me learn about my question and help me answer my question. However, reading the other blog, about boys being harassed more than girls, again made my think if my second question is also an opinion question.      

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  1. Wow, I'm pretty excited that what you found on the first question is complicating your thinking!